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Ideal for shopping, cruising the campus at work or school, going uphill or downhill, riding the boardwalk or the trail, the RoScooter allows you to be in control of your mobility, all while improving your health and wellbeing.

Mobility redefined.

RoScooter provides a healthier means of mobility than tradition power scooters, and is easy to transport. With no unreliable motors or heavy batteries, you can take the RoScooter wherever you please. RoScooter is designed to help you enjoy traveling quickly and easily over considerable distances of variable terrain, camber, and grade.

It's intuitive bicycle-style steering, gears, and brakes make it simple and safe to ride.

Stay in control.

The ergonomically correct and bio-mechanically efficient "ro-to-go" Central Lever Drive (CLD) suits all ability levels, allowing you to take full control of your mobility. The compact front-and-center mounted lever drive system provides propulsion on both forward and backward strokes.

Using the bicycle-style handlebar to propel and steer, forward and reverse, and turn-a-rounds in tight space, shift, and brake is a dream for those with limited hand or upper body strength, even if you have partial hemiplegia.

Compatible with your life.

RoScooter was designed to be compatible with your life.

In drive-mode, you can row yourself to your destination at speeds up to 5 MPH. That is faster than brisk walking. The RoScooter has an 8-speed hub gears that you shift on the fly allowing you to propel easily, up-hill or quickly on the flat. You get your exercise simply getting where you need to go.


Taking the road is easy with the RoScooter.

The RoScooter has quick release seat and rear wheels, which disassemble in seconds.

It can easily fit into your car.


Skinny and Light, but Strong.

With the highest quality design and construction, RoScooter is lightweight, weighing just about 40 pounds, and even less with the seat and rear wheels removed for transportation.

Those 40 pounds are mighty.

A RoScooter can carry riders up to 250 pounds. The chassis is made from high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum with a Kydex deck.