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Rear-wheel steering.

Turn on dime. RoChair steers with its single rear wheel from the handlebars. Anti-tip wheels ensure stability. Integrated in the rear wheel is hub brake also actuated with the handlebar.

Easy transfer.

Lifting your body in and out of your chair induces peak strain forces on your shoulders and wrists.

Because RoChair’s 20-inch wheels are located under the seat transfer is a breeze. In park-mode just swing up one of the arm rests and slide right on in. You’ll find lots of clearance to swing your leg on over. Talk about easy transfer.

Shirt Glove

Save your shoulders, wrists, and hands.

An estimated 90% of all wheelchairs are push-rim propelled, a physically straining form of ambulation that can lead to repetitive strain injuries in the arms and, eventually, to secondary impairments and compounded disability.

RoChair provides a bio-mechanically efficient and non-injurious means of self-propulsion.

Leave your gloves at home.


Suddenly everything is aligned.

Traditional push-rim propulsion is tough. Tough on the shoulders, wrists, and hands.

The RoChair employs an ergonomic, efficient, and compact front-and-center mounted lever drive system providing propulsion on both forward and backwards strokes.

Turn the handlebars like a bicycle to steer, extend the lever up to employ more power, and pull back all the way to engage the powerful rear hub brake.

Universally accessible.

RoChair’s innovative new geometry and biomechanics make it the most accessible manual mobility device ever. Whether you're a hemi, para, tetra, or just have difficulty walking it’s possible to ride RoChair.

With the handlebar front-and-center, adjustable seating positions, and sculpted arm rests the RoChair design offers built-in support to keep you sitting up straight.

Using the handlebar to propel, steer, and brake is a dream for those with limited hand or upper body strength.

Where special accommodation is required accessories are available.


Our drive. Your mobility.

The ROTA powertrain converts reciprocal (push-pull) linear motion into unidirectional rotary output. With one push-pull of the adjustable length lever arm RoChairʼs front wheels rotate up to 2 revolutions.

Depending on how much input force you need, you can extend the 24-inch telescoping lever arm. Hills - no problem.

Mobility redefined.

RoChair provides a less strenuous means of propulsion than a traditional push-rim wheelchair, and offers significant mechanical advantage. This enables riders to enjoy traveling quickly and easily over considerable distances of variable terrain, camber and grade.

With a small footprint and fully articulated steering mechanism, RoChair provides the maneuverability essential for you to navigate through your home, office, classroom, public transport, shopping centers, and restrooms.


Maneuverable in confined spaces.

When you get stuck in a tight situation and need to reverse, spin, or shunt nothing works better than giving your front wheels a quick push. RoChair comes standard with push-rims on the front wheels.

Compatible with your life.

RoChair was designed to be compatible with your life. In drive-mode you can row yourself to your destination at speeds up to 5 mph. When you reach your destination just stow the propulsion lever and roll in under your office desk or a table at your favorite restaurant.


Great form, function, and excercise.

RoChair will have you thinking about where you want to go rather than where you can’t.

The 20-inch front wheels makes riding over uneven ground comfortable and easy. Anti-tip wheels are included.

Front-wheel drive.

The ROTA powertrain delivers tremendous power to the front wheels. With your center of gravity optimally located traction is provided to both front and rear wheels.

On variable terrain, camber, or grade, no problem.

Simple steering.

The RoChair steers just like a bicycle. Turn the handlebar and the rear wheel turns. It couldn’t be any simpler.

With the RoChair you have incredible maneuverability.

RoChair turns in its own footprint just like your everyday chair.

It’s really skinny.

Big function in a small footprint. That’s what the RoChair is all about. The RoChair is just 24 inches wide.

Standard doorways in a new home are typically 32 - 36 inches wide. Both ADA requirements and Specially Adapted Housing Minimum Property Requirements specify a minimum hallway width of 48 inches, with a minimum doorway width of 36 inches to allow full wheelchair accessibility.

Cool. Classy. Compliant.

Mobility has never looked this good.

Because ROTA designs both the powertrain and ride for RoChair, it's possible to address and improve things like vehicle performance, handling, ergonomics, and design.

RoChair is engineered to be ANSI/RESNA compliant, the standard for the mobility industry.

You're coming with me.

RoChair fully dissembles in seconds. If you were thinking about a road trip save some room for your new best friend.

Both 20 inch wheels have quick release hubs. The seat back and armrests fold down like magic.

Both seat base and back cushions attach with Velcro®. Perfect if you need to throw them in the wash after your ride.

You're coming with me